About Us


Burl Begley: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Scott Knuth: Drums

James Haas: Guitar

Who are we?

We have been together a decade. We have always approached this band with the motto, "Do what you do and play what you feel." It has been said that we sound like the best of the 90's and we are fine with that.  Lastly, we are a family.

Where we come from......

Burl Begley has played in a number of bands over the years. Including a top 40 cover band that flourished in the Detroit area. His vocal talent and musicianship are a cornerstone of our sound. Scott Knuth is the heartbeat of the band. Former member of the band Life in August. He is a unique talent that pulls our sound together behind his drum kit. James Haas has been in a number of original bands including, Oddlid, Ghostyle, and the Busted Puppets. He takes great pride in bringing heavy riffs and creativity to the table.